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Funhouse Frenzy Foaming Bath Scoop

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Inspired by our Chicago Polish Con 2017 VIP shade of the same name, Funhouse Frenzy is a scoop of the carnival for your tub! This foaming bath scoop is scented with the heady fragrance of gooey caramel apples and buttered popcorn.

Directions: To use a foaming bath scoop, cut off a small part of the scoop (1/4 to 1/3) and place in an organza or similar pouch. Hold and crumble under running water to create yummy, long-lasting bubbles! Don't have a pouch? No worries! Just use your hands to crumble the foaming bath bar.

Some tips for bigger and better bubbles:
Use toasty warm (but not too hot - ouch!) water
You'll get more bubbles if the water is running fast
Agitate the water with your hand to create more bubbles

Each Foaming Bath Bar weighs approximately 5 ounces - enough for up to four baths! This listing is for ONE 5 ounce Foaming Bath Bar.

Foaming Bath Bar Ingredients:
Baking soda, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, glycerin, cream of tartar, corn starch, unrefined raw cocoa butter, phthalate free fragrance oil, mica, polysorbate 80 (emulsifier).